How to Get Most Out of Your Diminished Value Claim


In the current world car accidents are almost unavoidable and in case you are involved in a car crash, fender-bender of a serious collision it is very hard to have repairs that would leave your vehicle worth just as it was before the accident. This means that your car instantly loses value.

In such a situation, you have to look for Hansen Price service of diminishing value specialist. This is an expert who has the right skills to help you claim all diminished value your insurance company owes you. Besides this, in case a national chain shop or insurance-referred, chances are the repairs did not meet the manufacturer’s specifications. This is where services of DV expert come in to help you recover that which you are owed by the body shop or by the insurance firm.

Your vehicle is a very paramount life asset whether you are in business, a student, family man, or even retired. It is a sound investment in mobility that makes it easy for you to meet your daily life demands. Hence, a collision can significantly paralyze all that. Take note that the effect of a car accident affects the car owner, whether one was in fault or not responsible at all; hence diminishing value specialist services can be sought by any party which is involved in a car crash. Besides the physical and emotional loss, you also suffer an enormous diminished value of between 15% and 50%, even if you got perfect repairs

You may not know various factors that cause diminished value such as the make, model and the year of the vehicle, frame damage, poor maintenance, using non-OEM body parts which were not in the manufacturer repair descriptions and the overall percentage of the damage to the car against its original value.

With Hansen Price, you have no reason to allow insurance company under compensate you. All you need is to consult DV experts, and they will put their wealth of experience to work for you.

Always hire licensed auto appraisers who will work exclusively in your interest. They should be auto dealers who are experienced as well as licensed public adjusters. This is what gives them a unique view from all angles of the industry. Insurance firms would like it when you don’t know so that they can save millions of dollars but now you have the right tips. For more info abut diminished value, check out


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